Chart a Course to a Healthy Smile with General & Preventive Dentistry

Kevin Sorge DDS is a trusted Fayetteville & Manlius family dentist

Preventing dental disease starts at home with good oral hygiene and a balanced diet. It is continued in the dental office every six months by the efforts of your dentist and dental hygienist to promote, restore and maintain your oral health while protecting your teeth from gum disease. Prevention is key to having a healthy, confident and beautiful smile.

Prevention includes regular dental exams, cleanings and x‐rays. Sealants and fluoride are also great preventative treatments that can help protect the teeth. Regular cleanings by a dental hygienist are recommended to remove plaque and tartar that may develop even with careful brushing and flossing, especially in areas that are hard to reach. Not only does a little prevention go a long way, prevention can avoid serious and costly dental problems from occurring.

When a dental problem does occur, you can rest assured that at Kevin Sorge, DDS, we will always discuss with you the available restorative dental options, and recommend what we believe to be the most prudent, comfortable and least invasive course of treatment. Dental excellence and compassionate treatment are our number one priority when caring for your smile.

Dr. Sorge is a premier restorative dentist and an expert in the art of smile esthetics. Using the most advanced dental technology and materials, he will provide you with excellent dental care and service to restore your smile to its form and function. Our modern technology utilizes digital x‐rays, laser cavity detection, air abrasion and an anesthetic buffering system for added patient comfort.

Our restorative dentistry services include tooth‐colored fillings, root canal treatment, dental crowns, dental implants, oral surgery, jaw/bite corrections and alignment, dentures, bridges and partials.

With restorative dental treatment, we can:

  • Enhance your smile
  • Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth
  • Improve or correct an improper bite
  • Prevent the loss of a tooth
  • Relieve dental pain
  • Repair damaged and decayed teeth
  • Replace missing teeth
  • Replace old, unattractive dental treatments
  • Restore normal eating and chewing

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